Peg + Cat

I worked as a designer and painter on the second season of the Emmy-award-winning show Peg + Cat. Here are some of the things I did for them.

These backgrounds were used in an episode where the characters go into a digital world; I was in charge of the look for that sequence, and figuring out how to keep the messy, hand-painted look of Peg recognizable while making the digital aspect clear was a tricky puzzle. What we decided on was a sort of fake pixel-art look, drawn over a grid of squares of gouache-painted textures.

These six last backgrounds were for a pair of episodes set in a hotel -- I had to come up with distinct themes and colour palettes for each, from a room meant for a farmer to a room meant for a troupe of clowns, while keeping the basic layout and furniture the same. I had a lot of fun researching antique wallpapers!