Writing portfolio

I care about character and setting and the way the two feed into one another; my default setting as a writer is character-driven science fiction that takes the time to explore how that plot with those characters could only have emerged from that particular world.

Aspect lore book for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

I wrote the Aspect lore book to go along with the Garden of Salvation raid from Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. I got to pull in some of my favourite characters from the first Destiny game and try out some experimental prose styles while setting the mood for the raid, and it was a complete blast. Infinite thanks to Z Schleif and Jonathan To for taking a chance on me! This wouldn't have happened without them.

Created with Kate Cunning: a comic about weird aliens, aggressive botany, and how sometimes what makes a house a home is the killer AI inhabiting it.

Kate and I have nearly identical tastes in science fiction and perfectly complementary tastes in the creation of long-form comics: I don't like drawing them, and she doesn't like writing them. We came up with the concept and rough outline for the comic together, I wrote the final script, and Kate is doing the art. Coming soon!

The Lost Journal is an experimental project from the last year of my illustration degree — I wanted to find a way to combine illustration with writing, and ended up with a science fiction mystery story in the format of a hand-drawn journal, found and annotated by researchers years after the artist's disappearance.