I'm Ariella, an artist and writer working out of Toronto. I'm currently a layout artist on an upcoming show and I'm doing some freelance writing for games on the side.

In animation, I've worked on Peg + Cat, The Magic School Bus Rides Again, Welcome to the Wayne, and Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum in a little bit of everything: mostly layout, but also design/paint and scene planning. In games, I've written for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. I've got an eye for composition and an ear for narrative, and I don't miss deadlines.

I'm pretty much always either making things with my hands or telling stories — if I'm not elbow-deep in Photoshop at work then I'm baking or sewing or writing weird SF/F or making up D&D campaigns to DM for friends.

My contact information, CV, and writing portfolio are all here.