I'm Ariella, an illustrator from Montreal working in animation in Toronto. Right now I'm working as a scene planner on XAVIER RIDDLE AND THE SECRET MUSEUM, and in the past I've worked layout on season 2 of WELCOME TO THE WAYNE and season 1 of THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS RIDES AGAIN, and design and paint on season 2 of PEG + CAT.

I like storytelling and I like making things with my hands, which is why I've gone into animation -- I love being able to help build a narrative just by drawing, just by fitting the right puzzle pieces of colour and shape together. Outside of work I'm into reading, writing, playing video games with or writing tabletop campaigns to DM for friends (storytelling!), baking, knitting, trying art in as many physical media as I can, and overflowing my windowsills with houseplants (making things with my hands).

If you're hiring, I'm available!